Walker and Company is reinventing the way men and women of color enjoy health and beauty products.

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Walker and Company:

Walker & Company Brands is an e-commerce company that is reinventing the way consumers learn about, purchase and enjoy health and beauty products with collections uniquely tailored to the needs of men and women of color. An innovative, forward-thinking, relatable and mainstream company, Walker & Co. Brands is breaking the mold of traditional CPG brands and bringing high quality products to an underserved and over indexed demographic. Led by entrepreneur and CEO, Tristan Walker, the team is highly focused on product design, reaching and educating their core demographic, and creating an elegant consumer experience. The newly formed company is launching with their Bevel by Walker & Company brand which features a line of products that is the first “end to end” shaving system specifically made to make shaving simple and enjoyable for men with sensitive skin. In the near future, Walker & Company Brands plans to expand beyond shaving and develop skincare, hair care and health products for both men and women.